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The segment of IT services is important for Belarus not only in terms of its export earnings or GDP share but also as a foundation of information society and knowledge economy.

To accelerate ICT development, the Government rendered support to IT outsourcing companies that provide offshore IT services and apply their expertise in the domestic market, thus contributing to society’s informatization.  

In December 2001, the Scientific and Technological Association “National InfoPark” (IT Incubator) was set up by the decree of the President of Belarus on the State Support of Development and Export of Information Technologies (#234, May 4, 2001).

In September 2005, considering a growing role the ICT industry was playing in the Belarusian economy, the decree #12 "On High Tech Park” was signed by the President of Belarus to raise competitive capacity of the national economy and its IT industry. In February 2007, IBA IT Park became a resident of the Belarusian High-Tech Park. IBA Group built its own campus area that includes a new office building, a data center, a fitness center, a three–level parking, and a dwelling house. In 2016, IBA Group's customers, partners, and members of the Belarusian government attended the official ceremony of IBA IT Park’s new campus opening.

The ICT development is defined as a priority task in the National Strategy of Sustainable Economic Development of Belarus up to 2030 adopted by the Council of Ministers in February, 2015. The following goals are set out:

  • Achieve transparent and convenient communication between citizens, businesses, and the government using digital communication
  • Involve all society layers and social groups in informatization
  • Improve digital literacy of population
  • Develop an effective and transparent system of state governance (workflow automation, cloud technologies)
  • Introduce ICT in the real sector: create a system of outsourcing services to optimize business processes at Belarusian enterprises
  • Achieve international recognition of Belarus as a regional leader in ICT.

In addition, the Belarusian Government adopted a number of national programs for the support of ICT development, including:

According to Anatoly Kalinin, Belarus Deputy Prime Minister, about $1 billion will be invested in the Belarusian sector of information and communication technologies (ICT) before 2020.

In its E-Government Survey 2016, the United Nations ranked Belarus # 49 globally among 193 countries and placed the country into the group with high e-government development index (EGDI). Since 2014, Belarus has made a significant progress moving six positions up. EGDI is used to measure the willingness and capacity of national administrations to use information and communication technologies to deliver public services. EGDI is a composite index comprising three indicators: the extent and quality of online services (Online Service Index, OSI), the development of telecommunication infrastructure (Telecommunication Infrastructure Index, TII), and human capital (Human Capital Index, HCI).


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