Why Outsource to Belarus?

Belarus is an ideal offshore IT service provider due to a number of reasons.

  • Availability of skilled resources

Belarus has vast pools of technically trained personnel who can engage in a variety of IT activities ranging from system analysis, consulting, and hardware selection to design, development, testing, migration, maintenance, and 24X7 support. Roughly 34,000 specialists work in the country's IT sector at present. Every year, 3,900 IT–related specialists graduate from Belarusian universities. IBA alone has a waiting list of 1,500 IT professionals. As a result, offshore software development companies can choose the best people from a wide selection.

According to the 2015 Global Creativity Index (GCI) published by the Martin Prosperity Institute, Belarus is ranked as #8 world's talented nation that spans skilled knowledge workers, professionals, and members of the creative class.

The video features IBA Group employees sharing their experience at IBA Group.

  • Technical excellence and creativity

The technical level of our programmers is the same and often even exceeds that of their counterparts in Western Europe and the US. Belarusian programmers undergo training in the training centers of IBM, Lotus, Sun, Novell, Microsoft, and other world IT leaders. Another specific feature of our developers is that they are not simply programmers but also have deep knowledge in mathematics, engineering, physics, and other sciences. As a result, they can be very creative at solving complex problems.

  • Low cost of servicesCost Savings

Although cost reduction is no longer the main reason why companies resort to offshore software development, the low cost of development is an additional argument in its favor. Pricing depends on a variety of factors, including project size and complexity, delivery model, and many more. However, developer rates in Belarus are among the lowest in Eastern Europe.

  • Favorable geographic location

Belarus is situated in Eastern Europe, to the east of Poland and to the west of Russia. The country has a well–developed telecommunication and data communication infrastructure and transportation access to all points in Europe, Asia, and America. The approximate flight time from Minsk to London is 3 hours, to Frankfurt/M or Vienna 2 hours 25 minutes, to Moscow 1 hour 30 minutes, and to Zurich 2 hours 50 minutes.

  • High level of human development

According to the latest UN Human Development Report, Belarus ranks 50th among 188 countries of the world with regard to the level of human development, its Human Development Index (HDI) being 0.798. Belarus tops the group of countries with high human development level. HDI is calculated based on the following three indices: life expectancy at birth (71.3 years), mean years of schooling (12.0 years), expected years of schooling (15.7 years) and gross national income (GNI) per capita (US$ 16,676 in parity purchasing power).

  • European culture

 Outsourcing to Belarus, you can increase your profit margins, as well as achieve better quality at a lower price and faster time–to–market.As a European country located at the crossroads of trade routes from the East to the West and from the North to the South, Belarus has a culture that has absorbed traditions of different peoples inhabiting Europe. Our people are well known for their hospitality, diligence, tolerance and amiability, while our cities for being clean and comfortable.

There is a multitude of opportunities both for foreign companies and Belarusian software developers to cooperate and benefit. Outsourcing to Belarus, you can increase your profit margins, as well as achieve better quality at a lower price and faster time–to–market.


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